NBA is an association of business owners and entrepreneurs across Nasik from various business categories. Only one member of a particular category can join NBA. So each member of NBA is a different category.

Reference Generation

Any member gives reference to and also gets the reference from other NBA member for a particular Business. Reference can be any personnel Requirement, Enquiry, Business Lead etc. A Huge amount of business gets generated through reference every week.

NBA Activities

Weekly Meeting

NBA conducts the weekly business meeting with breakfast on Thursday of every week. NBA Members gathers together for regular business activities and networking. In these meetings, all members introduce themselves to all other members and guests. Guests who are willing to join NBA are invited to these meetings by one of the NBA members

Business Presentations

In every Weekly Meeting, 2 to 3 NBA members get a chance to present their Business and explore their products or services. In 10 to 15 Minutes of presentation, members give all the details of their business. This also helps other members to understand business in details

Knowledge Forum

Under knowledge forum, NBA invites recognized and well-known business personalities to share their knowledge and experience with all NBA members

One to One Meetings

NBA plans a one to one meeting of all members in pairs. Under this, each member meets another member personally on office place and understands each other’s business

Family Events

Yearly or occasionally family get together is arranged where each member can introduce family members with others and enjoy networking out of business also